Sunday, October 22, 2017

Dev Diary: Apple Pay

I've recently integrated Apple Pay for an iOS app. Though I have heard it is very easy to integrate and lot of tutorials available, I could not find overall requirements/activities involved in integrating Apple Pay.

I've documented my experience DevDiary - Apple Pay.

Eg., What are the components/steps involved and in chronological order/sequence. Trust me the image looked better in my mind than the output. Nonetheless I think it would be helpful to someone. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Musical notes images

For my app Music-notes, I was searching for images of musical notes so I can use them in my flash card feature. Unfortunately, I couldn't found one, hence I spent time to generate  programatically.


Feel free to use the assets the way you want (MIT)

* Download SVG

Note: PNG version - are 3x scaled version of SVG.

My workflow to generate SVG

I knew about VexFlow, as there is always I've some idea which requires this library. As usual I overshoot my estimate only to learn, it doesn't have an option generate notes to a given height & width. 

So, I forked their sample to generate each notes. And I resized them using svg editor, I set the height to `130` as it seems vertically center to me.

Also used Gapplin to scale and export them to PNG.

Update - 2018-03-20:
  • Thank you AllanZp for updating me, Sorry it took me so long to respond.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Speedy - Speed reading application for Mac

Speedy is an utility application for Mac OS X that lets you speed read the text contents.

I created to read the emails & news faster, as I have a tendency to lost in 'endless space between the words' with my lack of concentration or I should say gift of imagination?

To use the app Speedy, select text you want to speed read and choose Speedy from "Services" menu. You can increase or decrease the speed by using your UP or DOWN arrow keys & SPACE to pause and unpause.



  • Spritz - Inspired speed reading methodology.
  • Writz - My Apple Watch app for speed reading (Prototype* - never released)
  • Jetzt - A chrome extension which I have been using a long time, which is also the inspiration for the UI.

Keyboard Shortcuts

SPACEPause/Unpause read
UP ArrowRead Faster. Increase Words-per-minute (WPM) by 25 (eg., 350+25 = 375)
DOWN ArrowRead Slower. Decrease Words-per-minute (WPM) by 25 (eg., 350-25 = 325)
⌘ + VRead text from clipboard
ESC or QQuit Speedy
Project Page:


Pre-Release version (Free)

Demo (video):