Tuesday, December 1, 2015

iPad Pro and Apple

Last Sunday, I got to try iPad pro with all its accessories (most of the outlet here has only iPad pro without keyboard & pencil).

I am slowly converting to anti-apple over last few years; to be precise post Jobs & iOS 7 which started pattern of releasing untested software in the wild. So I am here to just log my thoughts/rants on the mistakes Apple made with respective to this product.

I believe they clearly lack the leader with laser sharp focus. Apple Watch, iPad pro and Cars* are examples of following Microsoft in its peak to going after every business they can think of, because "we have lot of money than we ever dreamed of". Before you say anything about Apple TV, it is not a new product. It's a delayed one from Steve's era.

Back to iPad pro. For the record, I am not against the size or stylus . I find it could have been done with iPad (all sizes). Just like iPhone ridiculous 6+ decision (image stabilisation feature in a wrong sized iPhone), this is a wrong sized stylus friendly iPad.

iPad Pro

  • Too big
  • Home screen layout, not updated for new device. (Apple: No need to engage with iOS dev's for the new secret device)
  • Though I knew about side-by-side apps, I find the swipe from top of second app to switch between apps is stupid UX. Apple, please revisit UX before you get going with a Duct tape solutions.


  • Cool, but I find it definitely missing iOS specific keys that Logitech has. Seriously, you built a first-party keyboard without the function row of your existing mac keyboard design? But I like the feel of the keys but not the travel.
  • No Caps lock indicator
  • No Escape key
  • No keys for Brightness adjustment
  • No keys to adjust Volume
  • No dedicated keys for Home or Search (I know CMD+Space works, but iOS is not for mac users you know)
  • Bluetooth pair/un-pair?
  • In default Notes apps, I found that CMD+Arrow (left/right) doesn't behave as expected. Could it be NSTextview vs UITextview?
  • And I have noticed, the screen didn't turn off when I close the cover, at-least once in my total of 3 tries.
  • And finally, I find it hard to stomach the asymmetrical top surface of case cover.

Volume/Brightness, is something people might not use much. Did you think could be because of its current no. of steps, which is hidden three level deep?


  • The only update to iOS software to support the new hardware. 
  • However I am not happy with the feel of it. 1. Too much glossy, rounded finish is not helping in nice grip 2. The upper body of the pencil weigh heavier than the bottom, so I didn't find it pleasant compared to any old school pencil.
  • And it didn't work in pre installed DocuSign. I was expecting it to work everywhere regardless of app updates. 
It is not an iPad for me. What I want is Surface Book pro style Macbook pro i.e., Run OSX & iOS based on the mode I choose. We don't want to carry 5 different device and constant charging, world is a better place if we limit to few.

Apple, for god sake work on better & greener battery technology. And please hire lot of QA and release once when it is ready. Release something every quarter for investors sake is not going to help anyone.