Saturday, December 15, 2012

iForce - Sublime text plugin for salesforce development.

I wrote a small plugin for sublime text to develop salesforce. I'm glad to share one of my idea to project execution.

My recent project was developing a mobile app (jquery mobile) for salesforce. I find it is tedious to use eclipse/Force IDE for modifying single APEX page, the rich-text editor with syntax highlighting provided by salesforce web interface is not very helpful.

As "productive" developer I was looking for other options, I found ForceDotBundle for textmate and Mavenmate for Sublime text.

I settled with ForceDotBundle atlast, as I figured I don't need all the features of Mavenmate. I could not recommend any to my fellow teammates, who use Windows as their primary development machine. As far as I know there is no real alternate to Eclipse/ForceIDE for Windows users.

So I saw an opportunity to learn to develop sublimetext plugin. My initial feature set were

✔ Basic Authentication
✔ Get latest version of source files from salesforce org
✔ Push local changes to salesforce
✔ Auto syntax highlight/color
✔ Snippets (boilerplate code for new apex class/trigger/page)
☐  Keep changesets in local git repo
☐  Option to run SOQL query without leaving sublimetext
☐  Get fields of a an object by selecting object name.
☐  Execute selected code and return results (Developer console)

I settled with deploying code with ant, as my original idea of calling webserivce to push/pull/execute would require good knowledge of python which I lack at the moment.

iForce - Source | How to - iForce

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rest In Peace

We received an unusual call at 4am on 6th only to know my Uncle and Aunt are no more. Suicide at the age of 70+ is not an easy decision, it has been a week and I couldn't digest the news.

They were always had taken great care of me. Though I don't meet them often, I have always treated as a rock-star when I do.

My dad has shared great stories about their life and their hard-work. I have always admired them and still do. I can only wish they find peace which they couldn't find it here in this life.

They worked very hard till last two hours of their life. As a suppliers of most of the my towns' restaurants, their work start at 1am. They were waking up at 1am for more than 50 years.

My dad is still heartbroken, I can understand how he feel they were his buddies for more than 30 years. Also it is 3rd suicide incident within our close friends and family which claimed total of 4 lives.

May the peace be upon them.