Sunday, April 24, 2011

Radio buttons and Checkboxes

I have designed the following as one of my side project required a simple radio buttons and checkboxes.

Download the *.png files.

Feel free to use the same however you like.

Update 2012/04/11: Hover image for checkbox without checkmark

Friday, April 22, 2011

Capture screenshot of the app with iPad simulator

Until recently I was not aware of the shortcut Ctrl + Cmd + C 

It captures the complete content of the iPad simulator to the clipboard, You can save it to a file by File -> New from Clipboard with

Secret is hold your Ctrl key on Edit menu (Note: Simulator is at 50% window- > zoom)
Screenshot captured - 768x1024 on Portrait
I would love to know if there is an app for screen-casting iPad applications regardless of monitor resolution. Something that capture content of the window in Portrait or Landscape mode similar to the solution above.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

We are the Champions

After all the hiccups over years, we were able to witness the ultimate glory of bring back the cup to India after 28 years. India is a nation with at-least 50 million cricket experts including me. Though I'm not a professional player or an expert I do have rights to talk (who cares anyway)

I was waiting to see Sachin's 100th century knock and though he failed to score, he won the cup. Hard work always pays, he won the hearts of teammates and everyone played for him. I don't think it would happen to any other player again. Even a player like Sachin caliber had to wait for 6 world cups to get hold of the cup teaches some important lesson we should learn.

  • Hardwork
  • Humble
  • Honesty
  • Patience
  • Loyalty
  • Passion
  • Patriotism

Here are my favorite moments :)

Well done guys, now go, find and groom bowlers for the sake of cricket.