Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Call Me A Hypocrite: My take on Apple Event Sep 1, 2010 - Part II

iTunes 10

Another iTunes upgrade, I don't want to see another 100Mb iTunes upgrade till next month. Many people were fighting over the icon, Guys! they have changed the boring icon after a decade.

And one more social networking and it is specifically for Music. I wonder why don't you guys just tweet instead of inventing new social networking for music?

I guess it is because you can create a Twitter clone in an hour. And you add try to gain the market share by adding bloated features for your lifetime.

If you can't organize tweets by events/purchase/post try Tumblr. I agree Facebook sucks!

Moreover we call frequent purchase log/liked it tweet as SPAM and you call it Ping. I'm afraid that I'll ever sign-in for ping.

A new list view layout added. Which removes the repeated Album title and replace with Album title & Album art. Hmm it took almost a decade for Apple to design.

I remember doing similar stuff when I designed a report meant for printing in 2005. I skip the repeated text in next row of same column. I've also skipped printing 0 in quantity column. I didn't patent it :)

And one more thing, the UI for iTunes store welcome screen sucks at-least the blue section header, please do something about it.

He talked about the custom Top 10 chart. Because the current rating & algorithm sucks. And all the people learnt a lesson from Google i.e., the more data you log from a user the more accurate you are. The custom Top 10 charts could be using same algorithm of our good old shopping cart application's "People who bought this also bought the following"

Apple TV

Seems like the 2nd generation iPod nano was modified to be used as remote. Jobs certainly pointed some valid issues with TV like Syncing/Storage but it doesn't mean that what they have is the best solution. You can only stream! This itself is a big disadvantage. Streaming or consuming more bandwidth itself a pain and not a green way of doing it.

I know many fellow people stream Youtube videos on high-res (360p) even for the text only songs. And always I wish there exists an audio only Youtube. Not all the videos worth streaming in high-quality.

You cost more bandwidth and there exists consequences of consuming more resources and I'm certainly not happy and many would agree that.

There were no applause for HD price. I am sick of the applauses, Steve almost pause for the Apple Fanboys to express their gratitude towards his masterpiece, well his masterpieces but it is really annoying when they go crazy for silly updates.

But there were pin-drop silence when he announced the HD Movie rental price I do not have any idea why. I was only proud to see "She is out of my league" poster in the screen. Nice movie and I recommend it for all.

Last but not the least, I noticed the black cable connected to iPad. Genuine? or you guys bought it after the original cable was torn down.

And you get the idea.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Call Me A Hypocrite: My take on Apple Event Sep 1, 2010 - Part I

Only yesterday I got a chance to view the Keynote video. You can also download the video from iTunes for Free.

Steve is still using paper/pen for his presentation points. And no Magic trackpad, old habits die hard/never, products are for the consumers only.

  • New Stores
  • Stats - The Numbers game
  • iOS 4.1
  • Sneak peek of iOS 4.2
  • iPod upgrades
  • iTunes 10
  • Apple TV

 are the points highlighted by Steve Jobs.

New Stores & Stats - The Numbers game

Steve was proud about the new stores around the world. And he started to play some numbers game as usual. I guess Google was hurt by taking his stats in a wrong way. But the way I see, it is actually a sign of fear from Apple.

iOS 4.1

Bug fixed, so Gizmodo should not babble about the proximity and bluetooth issues any more. Unfortunately Gizmodo was right and Apple acknowledges the issue once the fix is done. Come on nothing harm in accepting the truth.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos: Pat Apple, this is GOOD really GOOD. You scored a PLUS here.

Game center: It is not new for the iOS developer. It seems someone at Apple board meeting said crystalSDK is earning more. I hate killing startup by stealing their ideas/acquisition.

Sneak peek of iOS 4.2

I've no idea why they revealed their plan. Its good, frequent keynote events kills their show-off and expectation however there is nothing interesting now-a-days. I wish with next keynote they move on something really innovative not reinventing the same touch based devices again.

Multitasking OOPS!! hibernation of apps for iPad will be available with this version.

Hmm, Did Steve mention HDR coming to iPad this November?? Camera/Facetime is inevitable then.

But now I'm really annoyed on thinking about taking picture with iPad rear camera?

iPod upgrades

Though Steve revealed the hardware updates of iPod Touch last. Touch screen to iPod Nano was the only thing that impressed me.

After Jobs explanation of evolution of iPod Nano, I just had only one question, Then why did you reduce the display area of Nano?

Fonts are ugly, I've loved the smaller fonts of earlier version.

Two-finger rotate gesture to change the orientation of display saved the need of accelerometer; I've liked it.

No AppStore, Thanks Steve I very much appreciate it. Else another idiom added to UI_USER_INTERFACE_IDIOM() and conditional coding; pain for the developers.

It was surprised to know iPod nano can tell you when battery needs charging. Well, I haven't handled iPod nano earlier.

iPod nano: "46% smaller, 42% lighter - in other words it is almost half as small and half as size of its predecessors". He was the one who referred "0.55% - Just one half of one percent". You get the idea? Data never lie, how you interpret it matters.


I haven't found any details about the FaceTime. Apple site says "FaceTime works right out of the box — just enter your Apple ID and email address" I wish they don't ask for a MobileMe a/c. Free version of Gmail/Google Accounts is greater than anything out there in the cloud. We'll consider if there is a free MobileMe a/c. They have said FaceTime is going to be open source and I haven't come across any documents on how to integrate with our own app.

There is an evil restriction: You can take only 960x720 pic with rear camera which is capable of full 720p(1280x720) HD video 30 fps. Shame on you, unless there is a valid technical explanation.

No LED flash: It wasn't discussed in the video. I wonder why? the hole next to rear camera seems to be a mic.

I just wonder how HOT would it be with all the features in small space? Okay its only winter ahead.