Saturday, December 18, 2010

Import Delicious bookmarks to Evernote including tags

It is unfortunate to know that Yahoo is going to shutdown/transfer the awesome Delicious bookmarking service.

Evernote does not support direct import of bookmarks from delicious as it does with Google notebook.  I wrote this script to move my delicious bookmarks to evernote for my use.

It should be working for you as well, give a try without losing the tags.

Step 1: Backup your delicious bookmarks

If you are using unix/osx, fire up your terminal and run the command

curl > backup.xml
replace the username and password with yours.

If you are running windows, open browser and hit the url
with your username and password. Please read the Update at the bottom of this post.

It will display the output as xml, save the file as XML.

Step 1.1: Accounts tied to Yahoo!

If your delicious account tied to Yahoo!, then please use the awesome to login and download your xml and proceed to step 2 below. My sincere thanks to Anonymous who gave me the link in the comments.

Step 2: Use Delicious-2-Evernote v2

Goto Delicious-2-Evernote v2 paste the contents of the .xml you just downloaded to the text box and hit the Evernote xml button.

Mac users (use v2.1) -
Windows users (use v2.2) -

It will give you evernote xml in a textbook which you again need to copy and save it as delicious.enex (DO NOT forgot to change the extension as .enex)

Step 3: Import .enex with Evernote 

Create new notebook in your Evernote and import the file you had just created (delicious.enex)

Thats it. Enjoy Evernote service.

P.S: Code is available at, updates are welcome.

Update (Windows users):

It seems to be an issue with Windows version of Evernote with the output generated by the script. I'll test my delicious bookmarks with windows version and update soon.

Windows users please use this link

There are two issues with Windows version of Evernote as mentioned in the comments. I have fixed the following issue

the other one is due to special characters (that are not htmlentities) in the title.

The temporary fix is to open the .enex created in the process with Firefox and identify and replace the special chars manually (find all & replace all should do)

Fix is to select the encoding type as "UTF-8" aNotepad saves the file in ANSI as default. Kindly refer the img below. My sincere thanks to Florian on sharing the solution.

Good news: Code is available at GitHub for more easier way to submit/fix the code.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Idea Vault: When is that?

I guess like me there will be many people often confuse appointments/client calls due to timezone differences.

I am not talking about people who send/receive schedules from Outlook (or similar apps).

Trust me there are many number of appointments are fixed in a call or over IM. Eg., Your client msg you "9am Friday my time".

Yes, there are solutions available. My point is I think I've a simple way to solve it.

So how do I solve this now?

I use the fantastic gmail labs tool called "Sender Time Zone" which helps me to figure out his local time with timezone difference. Yes you can do this by viewing "show original message" as well.

And I Google for current time of my client timezone. And do math to find the time and off the record: I am not very good at math and need calc 99.999% of the time, unless it is an addition of 1 or multiples of 10 ;)

Now you know why I didn't work with MNC's IT companies as I have not cleared any of the aptitude exams after my college.

Other tools I use

  1. Recently I found a nice HTML5 app which shows you most of the timezones and you can use the slider to align it any particular time of a timezone to find your local time.
  2. Google Calendar: Setup an Event in client timezone and Gcal view will let you know your local time.
  3. Wolframalpha comes very very close to my idea, but I still think my idea is better.  Wolframalpha is very slow, because it process your input to guess the best use-case match. It has to identify the inputs you provide are actually a time/date before even generating/computing the output.

My Version of this idea


I had this idea with me for almost half a decade and I didn't take any action to bring it live like 99.99% of all my ideas. I am planning to publish all my ideas from my vault to web. I am not here to claim my ideas or copyrights. 

I guess some posts may help few people looking to learn by developing an idea. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Pure Reader for Chrome

I love the theme of the Pure Reader for Safari ( I've ported the CSS as a userscript to use it with Google Chrome. Firefox need some css modification pls find the css here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Custom UISplitViewController now available on GitHub

I created this custom UISplitViewController as one of my iPad project required Split view for only one screen. The default UISplitViewController provided by Apple can only be added to UIWindow which means you can't use it with normal UINavigation based project with only one splitview screen.

You can add/remove UINavigationController and UISplitViewController from AppDelegate, but that doesn't help in giving you the smooth pushtoviewcontroller animation or the default navigation stack in order to go forward and backward.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My new photo (screenshot sharing) blog

A colleague told me that I should be a QA Engineer in a random conversation few months ago. Though I did not consider it but he stands by it even now. So I thought why don't I start a photo blog to share the random screens I capture in my daily routine.

I used to share the same in twitter but it is not public and I locked for a reason. You can find my screenshot blog @

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mac App Store - Source

You get the idea? You are not looking for the UI code are you?

Saurik will be doing the UI for us ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GotoMeeting Video recording (G2M3 codec for Mac)

If you use GotoMeeting to record video of the shared screen, make sure that you DO NOT use G2M3 codec. It does a great job in compressing the size of the video but it is not compatible with OSX or any OS other than Windows.

I recently received a client application screencast wmv encoded with G2M3 codec. Had hard time figuring out the way to play it on Mac OSX. There is no codec for mac and normal work around you see in the first page of Google doesn't help either.

I tried Handbrake, VisualHub, FFMPEGx and MPEG Streamclip for Mac without any luck.

Finally MS Expression Encoder to rescue that again depends on .net framework 4 it converts the video that can be played on Mac with VLC player but it doesn't allow me to forward the video.

I can't export the audio of the file to MP3 even the almighty Super failed.

Take away: Never encode in G2M3. If you do then, please use Expression Encoder to convert to wmv that can be played in other OS (limited support but at-least you can view).

P.S: This post doesn't fit in a tweet, and take away alone does not convey it all.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Call Me A Hypocrite: My take on Apple Event Sep 1, 2010 - Part II

iTunes 10

Another iTunes upgrade, I don't want to see another 100Mb iTunes upgrade till next month. Many people were fighting over the icon, Guys! they have changed the boring icon after a decade.

And one more social networking and it is specifically for Music. I wonder why don't you guys just tweet instead of inventing new social networking for music?

I guess it is because you can create a Twitter clone in an hour. And you add try to gain the market share by adding bloated features for your lifetime.

If you can't organize tweets by events/purchase/post try Tumblr. I agree Facebook sucks!

Moreover we call frequent purchase log/liked it tweet as SPAM and you call it Ping. I'm afraid that I'll ever sign-in for ping.

A new list view layout added. Which removes the repeated Album title and replace with Album title & Album art. Hmm it took almost a decade for Apple to design.

I remember doing similar stuff when I designed a report meant for printing in 2005. I skip the repeated text in next row of same column. I've also skipped printing 0 in quantity column. I didn't patent it :)

And one more thing, the UI for iTunes store welcome screen sucks at-least the blue section header, please do something about it.

He talked about the custom Top 10 chart. Because the current rating & algorithm sucks. And all the people learnt a lesson from Google i.e., the more data you log from a user the more accurate you are. The custom Top 10 charts could be using same algorithm of our good old shopping cart application's "People who bought this also bought the following"

Apple TV

Seems like the 2nd generation iPod nano was modified to be used as remote. Jobs certainly pointed some valid issues with TV like Syncing/Storage but it doesn't mean that what they have is the best solution. You can only stream! This itself is a big disadvantage. Streaming or consuming more bandwidth itself a pain and not a green way of doing it.

I know many fellow people stream Youtube videos on high-res (360p) even for the text only songs. And always I wish there exists an audio only Youtube. Not all the videos worth streaming in high-quality.

You cost more bandwidth and there exists consequences of consuming more resources and I'm certainly not happy and many would agree that.

There were no applause for HD price. I am sick of the applauses, Steve almost pause for the Apple Fanboys to express their gratitude towards his masterpiece, well his masterpieces but it is really annoying when they go crazy for silly updates.

But there were pin-drop silence when he announced the HD Movie rental price I do not have any idea why. I was only proud to see "She is out of my league" poster in the screen. Nice movie and I recommend it for all.

Last but not the least, I noticed the black cable connected to iPad. Genuine? or you guys bought it after the original cable was torn down.

And you get the idea.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Call Me A Hypocrite: My take on Apple Event Sep 1, 2010 - Part I

Only yesterday I got a chance to view the Keynote video. You can also download the video from iTunes for Free.

Steve is still using paper/pen for his presentation points. And no Magic trackpad, old habits die hard/never, products are for the consumers only.

  • New Stores
  • Stats - The Numbers game
  • iOS 4.1
  • Sneak peek of iOS 4.2
  • iPod upgrades
  • iTunes 10
  • Apple TV

 are the points highlighted by Steve Jobs.

New Stores & Stats - The Numbers game

Steve was proud about the new stores around the world. And he started to play some numbers game as usual. I guess Google was hurt by taking his stats in a wrong way. But the way I see, it is actually a sign of fear from Apple.

iOS 4.1

Bug fixed, so Gizmodo should not babble about the proximity and bluetooth issues any more. Unfortunately Gizmodo was right and Apple acknowledges the issue once the fix is done. Come on nothing harm in accepting the truth.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos: Pat Apple, this is GOOD really GOOD. You scored a PLUS here.

Game center: It is not new for the iOS developer. It seems someone at Apple board meeting said crystalSDK is earning more. I hate killing startup by stealing their ideas/acquisition.

Sneak peek of iOS 4.2

I've no idea why they revealed their plan. Its good, frequent keynote events kills their show-off and expectation however there is nothing interesting now-a-days. I wish with next keynote they move on something really innovative not reinventing the same touch based devices again.

Multitasking OOPS!! hibernation of apps for iPad will be available with this version.

Hmm, Did Steve mention HDR coming to iPad this November?? Camera/Facetime is inevitable then.

But now I'm really annoyed on thinking about taking picture with iPad rear camera?

iPod upgrades

Though Steve revealed the hardware updates of iPod Touch last. Touch screen to iPod Nano was the only thing that impressed me.

After Jobs explanation of evolution of iPod Nano, I just had only one question, Then why did you reduce the display area of Nano?

Fonts are ugly, I've loved the smaller fonts of earlier version.

Two-finger rotate gesture to change the orientation of display saved the need of accelerometer; I've liked it.

No AppStore, Thanks Steve I very much appreciate it. Else another idiom added to UI_USER_INTERFACE_IDIOM() and conditional coding; pain for the developers.

It was surprised to know iPod nano can tell you when battery needs charging. Well, I haven't handled iPod nano earlier.

iPod nano: "46% smaller, 42% lighter - in other words it is almost half as small and half as size of its predecessors". He was the one who referred "0.55% - Just one half of one percent". You get the idea? Data never lie, how you interpret it matters.


I haven't found any details about the FaceTime. Apple site says "FaceTime works right out of the box — just enter your Apple ID and email address" I wish they don't ask for a MobileMe a/c. Free version of Gmail/Google Accounts is greater than anything out there in the cloud. We'll consider if there is a free MobileMe a/c. They have said FaceTime is going to be open source and I haven't come across any documents on how to integrate with our own app.

There is an evil restriction: You can take only 960x720 pic with rear camera which is capable of full 720p(1280x720) HD video 30 fps. Shame on you, unless there is a valid technical explanation.

No LED flash: It wasn't discussed in the video. I wonder why? the hole next to rear camera seems to be a mic.

I just wonder how HOT would it be with all the features in small space? Okay its only winter ahead.


Monday, August 16, 2010

EReader friendly Times Of India – EPUB Edition

I have completed the 95% of the project I was tweeting and here is the preview

EPUB viewed in Adobe Digital Edition

What does it do?

It is a PHP script that helps you to convert Times of India (Daily newspaper) to EPUB.

There is a great open source utility Calibre which can convert any RSS to EPUB. But I prefer to have exact content what I see in the daily. Eg., I read only selected section like Front page, International, Sport.

Times of India allows you to download Complete PDF version which is very large, close to 300Mb. I did a quick search to see if there is any ebook version available but the results are negative.

But they do have a mpaper which allows you to browse exact navigation of their printed copy. Unfortuntely their mPaper version is not organized such a way we can customize it for ebook readers with Userstyles or Userscripts.

This particular tool/script parse mPaper content and converts the content to EPUB, which can be used with ebook reader devices like Nook, iPad/iPhone, Sony Reader, Kindle (no native support) etc.,

Here is the sample EPUB with articles of first 5 pages (Aug 16 - Aug 17 -

Need to fix some issues like formatting, inline images, organize articles by section instead of page and CSS.

I'm planning to open source the prj for other interested people to work on it.

Will post more details this weekend. Send me your feedbacks & ideas.

Front page of Times of India

P.S -  The reason behind this is their mobile friendly website design is crappy and no alternative for ebook readers. Yep! first of its kind (Indian Daily available in EPUB) and I hope I’ll be able to host it somewhere soon for others to use it.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

iPad - Safari background texture


Apple version of the texture -

Ever since I installed the iOS 3.2 SDK I was in love with the iPad/Safari background fabric texture.

Apple is definitely having great designers and their choices are always top notch.

I recently started looking for the image to set as a background and I found the following color variant in a forum (Kudos to the user).

I modified the image to have my taste of grey in it. And here is the image for you to set as a background.

And here is the my desktop and I'm loving it.

P.S: You can also create this fabric pattern from the scratch using the tutorial (well done Dave). There is also another tutorial available.

Update: There has been no. of emails on using the grey version of the image. You are free to use it any way you want to. I'll be really happy if you drop a mail/comment.

Joachim of is kind enough to post PSD here.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Snow Leopard (Retail) on Lenovo 3000 N100


Disclaimer: There is no alternative to real Mac, if you like Mac go and buy it. If buying a real Mac is too much, you can at least buy a license for Mac OS X Snow Leopard which costs $29 only. This post is to test the Snow Leopard compatibility with Lenovo 3000 N100.


After some hard work I have successfully installed Snow Leopard on a Lenovo 3000 N100 (0768-BVG) model.

Lenovo 3000 N100 Hardware info

Computer Type ACPI x86-based PC (Mobile)
CPU Type Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo CPU T2350 @ 1.86GHz
Multiplier x FSB 6.0 x 133.0 MHz
Video Adapter Mobile Intel(R) 945GM Express Chipset Family
Audio Adapter Intel 82801GBM ICH7-M - High Definition Audio
Ethernet Realtek 8139C


Hackintosh | Snow Leopard

Architecture x86(32-bit)
Graphics Yes
Quartz Extreme / Core Image Yes
Audio Yes (with audio-in)
Ethernet Yes (Inbuilt RTL8139)
iPhone SDK Yes (tested with both 3.2/4.0)
Upgrade Yes running 10.6.4 upgraded from 10.6.3 with combo update


Installation Method

There is an awesome post by Prasys on installing Snow Leopard on PC with details you must know before trying any Hackintosh installation.

I have installed Snow Leopard retail(10.6.3) from my Hackintosh running 10.5.7. If you want to have dual/tri/quad booting patch your OSInstall.mpkg (Google is your friend) to install on MBR partition, else you have to repartition your drive as GUID with the default setup.

Mount/Insert your Snow Leopard DVD and go to /Volumes/OSX86/System/Installation/Packages and double click OSInstall.mpkg file to install. All you have to do is select the partition you want to install.

Do not forget to uncheck printer drivers. Funny thing is OSX Installation DVD has 4.5G printer drivers :)

Select only "Essential System Software" (default) to install, you can install additional language and translation later. Installation will be done in somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour.

Install boot loaders like Chameleon to boot from hard-drive. Please follow Prasys blog for the steps and there are other utilities available eg., (Multibeast, MyHackInstaller)

Boot with -v option always or update your to have verbose boot as default.

GUI boot is not good for any hackintosh build. You end up restarting after seeing spinner for longtime. Verbose mode print the status and you can reboot when you don't see any activity for a minute or so.

Install BSD.pkg from /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages to solve “No Installer packages can be found for this disk” whenever you want to verify permission and fix permission from Disk Utility. You need to run the BSD.pkg from recently installed Snow Leopard.

Boot with -v -x -f flag until you get 1280x800 resolution (It is the max. resolution of Lenovo 3000 N100 )

Issue #1: Grey screen of death

You end up seeing Grey screen or kernel panic 

Solution: Boot to single user mode (-s) and delete the AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext and reboot with -v –f

Issue #2: NO GUI and mouse pointer blinks at the top left in verbose boot

No GUI after verbose log. You may notice a cursor(mouse pointer) blink at the top left of the screen.

Solution: Boot to single user mode (-s) and delete the ATIFramebuffer.kext and reboot with -v –f

Issue #3: UI works only with safemode (-x)

Solution: All you have to do is install AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext v1.4.20. The default Intel GMA950 kext works but you have to delete the default framebuffer kext with the one mentioned above in-order to work in normal mode.

Issue #4: Can't able to take screenshot

Command + Shift + 3 doesn't create any screenshot/file on your desktop.

Solution: If so please  install Essentials.pkg from /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages

Issue #5: Black/empty screenshot or doesn't display the .jpg files

You see this issue when QE/CI are not enabled.

Solution: You need to replace the file mentioned in Issue#3.

Check whether Quartz Extreme & Core Image (QE/CI) enabled?

Once you install the above mentioned kext QE/CI should be enabled by default. You can verify the same by following.

a) Translucent menu bar

Screen shot 2010-07-07 at 10.40.06 AM

Screen shot 2010-07-07 at 10.38.49 AM 

b) All default Screensavers should work

Screen shot 2010-07-07 at 10.38.39 AM c) Ripple effect when you add a widget in dashboard


d) More ways to identify

Issue #6: Ethernet card not detected or detects very rarely

Though some reports RTL8139 supported natively with IONetworkingFamily.kext v1.9. My case was completely different it wasn't detected in first place. But the hardware is working flawlessly with Leopard 10.5.7 w/ PCGenRTL8139Ethernet.kext and WinXP, Ubuntu natively.

OSX seldom detects my Ethernet card. But failed to work after a reboot.

Solution: Please find the solution here.

P.S: If you have an iPhone (jail-broken one) then you can use your iPhone to access internet by an awesome PDAnet application. You can use your either phone's 3G or your Wi-Fi.

You can also download the complete kexts from

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Angry Birds – I give up

Angry Birds is one great app in Apple App Store that worth every penny (Full version is only $0.99)

I am not a great gamer, I give up on games too early. But this Angry Birds is one hell of a game (next to Road Rash & NFS II) that makes me addicted for a long time.

I am giving up now since I was not able to finish the levels. No cheats available only video walkthroughs :)  I wish the developer will release a Flash version of it to play from browsers (I was not able to find one).

Lite version



Full Version


 IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0487 IMG_0488 IMG_0489 IMG_0490 IMG_0491

Full version | Stars


IMG_0481IMG_0482IMG_0483  IMG_0484


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