Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dev Diary

This is something I've started in Jan '15. This is to practice a habit of keeping a log of stuff I do which took me a lot of time to figure out myself (may be I'm not efficient?).

I'm getting old and everything seems to be a Dejavu. At times, I keep spending more time figuring out the same solution as I'm switching between projects & technologies often.

Well, today I was re-working on my iPad app with a new in-app purchase and my own document helped me to quickly close the task.

Irony is I started this DevDiary to log my learning of AngularJS, Ionic framework & Flexbox in Dec 2014. Which is not updated yet, may be someday. I wish to update the project in a weekly basis or at-least once a month.

I built the DevDiary with nifty npm tool called gitbook, which I've documented for my own benefit.

So if I may suggest, kindly keep your own log and it is very easy with Github & Gitbook.

DevDiary - Github

Friday, January 1, 2016

Integrating Chromecast with Kaltura SDK (iOS)

Their documentation says it is built in, but I couldn't find a sample anywhere, so here it is for everyone on how to integrate Chromecast with your Kaltura Player.

- (KPViewController *)player {
    if (!_player) {
        KPPlayerConfig *config = [[KPPlayerConfig alloc] initWithDomain:@""
        config.entryId = @"YourContentId";
        [config addConfigKey:@"chromecast" withDictionary:@{@"plugin":@"true"}];
        config.cacheSize = 0.8;
        _player = [[KPViewController alloc] initWithConfiguration:config];
    return _player;

I'll cherish the moment where I had to demo this to a customer in order to gain the confidence and to prove my report was correct.