Sunday, November 6, 2011

mclock - Additional clock application for mac menu bar

Update (2016-01-20): The app is now available on Mac App store.


Additional menu clock for your Mac. A minimalist clock to display time of different timezone of your choice.

The app stays in menu bar all the time and you can customize the display format and timezone.

I was recently working on a calendar based iPad app project. The events are fetched from users data, since users data are in different timezone and requirement is that I should only display events between 8am-8pm.

I set my macmini and device timezone to user timezone to test and develop.  I also liked to have another clock for my localtime. As I don't use writst watch and broken home button on my iPhone is driving me crazy to check my local time.

I did search for free utilities and I didn't find one as I like to use. I hate to bring dashboard everytime and free apps available as floating windows sucks.


Download: Get it from Mac App Store  |


  1. Thank you for this app! I was looking for exactly what you've made - and wondering if I'd have to reinvent the wheel :)


  2. Thanks, this is great. I've copied the app, and called them clock 1 and clock 2. So I now have 2 additional time zone clocks in my menu bar. :)

  3. Thanks so much! This is exactly what I've been looking for. :)

  4. Very nice, thanks! (I think you need a logo that inspires more confidence in your app)

  5. Thank you!!! something i have been looking for ... so easy to manage between to two time zone. :)

  6. Dude seriously, 4 years latter and I still come here everytime I change my OS to use your simple clock app. When will apple gonna learn? You should publish your app into the store.

  7. I have been using an app called Second Time to do just this for years. The developer of Second Time stopped updating it in 2009 and disappeared a short time later. I've copied the app around between my different computers since then. Lately it has started freezing up and crashing. When you glance at the time and it is frozen, that can cause some confusion!

    I did a search and found mclock. It serves the same purpose except that it works! ;)

    Thank you for making this available.