Thursday, August 18, 2011

Idea to action: Tile this

Not many of my ideas are converted to a project, this one has seen its light last week. Though I haven't completed all the UI and features of my original vision, it is better to have one working idea than nothing.

Please find the source of this extension @

My original prototype for Tilethis

Download v0.1 to try it yourself.


  • Display image dimension (Google extension sample "Get image info" is useful to study how to fetch dimension from image)
  • Make it work with images in the background (eg., div background)
  • Nice UI

Merge requests are welcome.

Wallpaper - Testflight app

I really liked the background image pattern used in It is so cool that I have replaced my all time favorite iPad-Safari-fabric texture to gray varient given below. original image

My taste of Gray 

My desktop, thanks to Camouflage

Good job guys @