Saturday, December 18, 2010

Import Delicious bookmarks to Evernote including tags

It is unfortunate to know that Yahoo is going to shutdown/transfer the awesome Delicious bookmarking service.

Evernote does not support direct import of bookmarks from delicious as it does with Google notebook.  I wrote this script to move my delicious bookmarks to evernote for my use.

It should be working for you as well, give a try without losing the tags.

Step 1: Backup your delicious bookmarks

If you are using unix/osx, fire up your terminal and run the command

curl > backup.xml
replace the username and password with yours.

If you are running windows, open browser and hit the url
with your username and password. Please read the Update at the bottom of this post.

It will display the output as xml, save the file as XML.

Step 1.1: Accounts tied to Yahoo!

If your delicious account tied to Yahoo!, then please use the awesome to login and download your xml and proceed to step 2 below. My sincere thanks to Anonymous who gave me the link in the comments.

Step 2: Use Delicious-2-Evernote v2

Goto Delicious-2-Evernote v2 paste the contents of the .xml you just downloaded to the text box and hit the Evernote xml button.

Mac users (use v2.1) -
Windows users (use v2.2) -

It will give you evernote xml in a textbook which you again need to copy and save it as delicious.enex (DO NOT forgot to change the extension as .enex)

Step 3: Import .enex with Evernote 

Create new notebook in your Evernote and import the file you had just created (delicious.enex)

Thats it. Enjoy Evernote service.

P.S: Code is available at, updates are welcome.

Update (Windows users):

It seems to be an issue with Windows version of Evernote with the output generated by the script. I'll test my delicious bookmarks with windows version and update soon.

Windows users please use this link

There are two issues with Windows version of Evernote as mentioned in the comments. I have fixed the following issue

the other one is due to special characters (that are not htmlentities) in the title.

The temporary fix is to open the .enex created in the process with Firefox and identify and replace the special chars manually (find all & replace all should do)

Fix is to select the encoding type as "UTF-8" aNotepad saves the file in ANSI as default. Kindly refer the img below. My sincere thanks to Florian on sharing the solution.

Good news: Code is available at GitHub for more easier way to submit/fix the code.


  1. Yep, the counts of import screen and the next doesn't match.

  2. I have an error on step 3.
    When trying to import to Evernote he throws an error - MISSING_NOTE_TITLE
    What's that?

  3. @stagefear

    Open the .enex in Firefox as XML to see if there is anything wrong with the xml generated.

    May be some special char that I miss in my testing. I did import 600+ bookmarks

  4. @stagefear

    Please retry the export, I have encoded the special chars that I have missed earlier (now it uses jquery's .html() to encode chars, should work now without any issues)

  5. still the same for me
    .enex file looks fine and 'title' tag is on place, but still MISSING_NOTE_TITLE
    I forgot to mention it earlier, but maybe thats happening because I'm trying to use it with Windows version of Evernote?

  6. hi there,
    it looks like a great solution for the delicious-evernote-sync but the .enex-export-file doesn't work for my evernote Windows version. It is a german os and i get the following error from evernote:

    [...] "Invalid_UTF8_DATA (Error in line 1, token [Path to the enex-File])"

    Is there a quick solution for the error?

    Thanks for your work Dr Palaniraja!

  7. @Florian @stagefear

    I'll try to check my delicious bookmarks with windows and update soon.

  8. @stagefear

    I guess your bookmarks should work now unless it has special chars like «

  9. Hi there!
    Thanks to Dr Palaniraja for the bug fixing!
    The search and replace workaround for the special characters doesn't worked for me but i found a much more easier way to get the data in utf8. The notepad gives you in the saving-menu the option to save the .enex-file in correct utf8. After this the import worked without any errors.

    Thanks a lot!

  10. nope, sadly
    It had a lot of « and stuff like that, but I cut it all off as much as I could. Still the same.
    here is my xml: (with special chars cutted)
    give it a try

  11. I'm getting an "access denied" result code when using the unix curl approach. I have my delicious account hooked up with my Yahoo, is that a possible issue?

  12. yea my xml says access denied and I have a yahoo tied account as well

  13. Yahoo attached Delicious accounts need a complicated OAuth setup to access their XML feed. Thankfully, will do the trick.

  14. +1 for curl access denied result with delicious account tied to yahoo.

  15. @EV @tamouse thanks for letting me know that.

    The API documentation says that Delicious account created/linked with yahoo id should use OAUTH to get the XML file. I'm trying hard not to use any server side script.

    Will check for alternative methods and update soon.

  16. Another free option that automatically imports your delicious bookmarks & tags is YourVersion. You can also export your Delicious bookmarks to XML and then import them into YourVersion with the XML file. The import only takes seconds. In addition to great bookmarking functionality, YourVersion is a real-time discovery engine that lets you discover, bookmark and share tailored web content. And it's free so it's definitely worth a shot.

  17. Hi, thanks for this, I was about to code the same thing with ENSCRIPT.
    One remark: The exporting for Windows Users worked for me only in Firefox. Chrome and IE7 not so much.
    Secondly: The imported bookmarks had everything as promised, but missed the source url. Don't know what went wrong..

  18. Thank you so much! At least I've got one copy of my bookmarks out of delicious and into somewhere useful.

  19. Sad , but my free account don´t have that "import" option.


  20. Thanks for your hard work on this . . . unfortunately, I get the following error when I try to import the .enex file:

    "Could not import notes: error: INVALID_ROOT (Error in line 2, token "posts")

    Line 2 of the enex file reads:

  21. Looks like my Line 2 got cut off. It reads:

    posts user="karenelizabeth11" update="2010-12-21T03:39:14Z" tag="" total="2152"

    (in < > brackets, which is apparently what cut it out of my comment . . . )

  22. @karen

    it would be great if you share the bookmarks (if all yours bookmarks are public) to fix the issue.

  23. @anonymous

    I only use free account. I believe you are checking the web application, import features are available for free users as well in the Evernote client application both Mac and Windows.

  24. @ysamjo

    source url is in two places of each items,

    1. URL box of evernote client (blue globe) in the picture.
    2. The title (colored blue) will also have the same url linked.

    I have tested the script in Chrome8 for Mac. It works, although chrome lacks the xml beautifier. Will check with IE7 and update soon.

  25. Thanks for all of your work on this, Dr. Palaniraja. I've followed your updated instructions for Windows, above, but when I attempt to import to Evernote I still get the message MISSING_NOTE_TITLE. Any help on this would be very much appreciated as I'd love to get this to work. Thanks!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. I too still get the error MISSING_NOTE_TITLE on my Win7 machine. On my Mac, when I attempt to import the Evernote file (.enex) the import count doesn't appear and a zero byte notebook is created.

  28. Error MISSING_NOTE_TITLE (Win Vista) is related to the CDATA-tags on title and source-url. If you strip them in the enex-file, you'll be able to import. So replace "<title><![CDATA[" with "<title>" etc.

  29. @Dan

    I guess you are using Mac version of the script, Windows users please use the following link v2.2 (windows)

  30. I tried twice on Windows and finally gave up and tried on Mac Os X. Everything is fine. I have the Evenetote.enex file but then, when I import the delicious.enex file 766 kB on disk, it says that the import was successful but total size of imported notes is 0 bytes!!!! and no note appear


    @Gerard -- I tried a search on the .xml and .enex files for <title and CDATA and neither of those terms exist in either file. (There were several "title" occurrences but not within a tag).

  32. Weird, I get an error message when trying to open the

    Unable to process request at this time -- error 999.

    Unfortunately we are unable to process your request at this time. This error is usually temporary. Please try again later.

    Anyone else having this problem?

  33. Further to my above comment. I find that firefox is the only browser that will display the xml data. IE says it can't find the site and Chrome displays a blank page.

    I'm using Win 7 and still receiving the MISSING_NOTE_TITLE error when I try to import to Evernote though...

  34. @Dr.Palaniraja

    what's missing is the "blue globe". Interestingly the other Link in th enote itself is there.

  35. James, in Chrome you should see the XML if you view the source of the blank page.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. @craniac

    Thanks for the tip on how to view the xml in Chrome. I thought it wouldn't help me, as the problem I was having was with importing the enex file.

    However, I started the process again using Chrome and copied the xml from the page source as you suggested. I then created the enex file using the steps in the post above.

    Evernote then successfully imported my bookmarks - excellent!

  38. @ Karen

    Your .enex file is just rename of xml downloaded in step 1, you need to feed the xml to convert to Evernote .enex as per the step 2.

    Never mind, pls try the file below, I've created with your xml.

    I've tested it with Mac, guess it should work in windows as well.

  39. Hello,
    thanks for this great hack, but when I click the evernote XML button in step 2, nothing happens... running Firefox 3.6.13 on WinXP.
    Thanks for any help ! :)

  40. Thanks very much. I'm with you up until step 3: Create new notebook in your Evernote and import the file you had just created (delicious.enex)

    Maybe I'm dense but you lost me at this point! Can you please tell me exactly what this is? how do you import? I've got the delicious.enex file but don't know what to do with it!)

    thanks again

    ps why isn't evernote doing this? I can't believe they actually had a proper delicious import script up until recently and then removed it and aren't putting it back up again even in the face of incredible demand... very weird way to run a business...

  41. Hello,

    This is so needed!

    I've been wrestling with it, however, and still getting the MISSING_NOTE_TITLE error. (I'm using Win XP, getting the Yahoo XML dump, and saving the converted enex file properly with UTF-8.)

    I've tried deleting various components of the CDATA tag (per Gerard's comment) but believe I'm missing something in the syntax.

    Could someone clarify exactly what I need to delete/replace? Or is there a new/different way to convert the file so it imports correctly?

    Thank you so much.

  42. I'm also getting the same error message as Karen:

    "invalid root..."

  43. You know what guys... I'm out. I just paid for pinboard. This $#!t is just not worth it.

    The import function on pinboard works like a charm. I guess that is what you get when a company doesn't have its head stuck up its ass.

    Evernote used to have it together but they must have lost some major talent at the top because they're just sad now.

  44. Thanks, Dr.Palaniraja. I was able to import most of my bookmarks into Evernote with your file, although I lost most of the tagging. Of the 1,248 bookmarks imported, only 655 made it through with tags. The remaining tags show up in my tag list, but they aren't assigned to anything in Evernote (at least on the web). I suppose one possibility is that my local copy in windows Evernote didn't sync entirely with the web version, even though it said it did. I'll have to check to see if the tags were assigned to bookmarks correctly on my local windows Evernote software when I get home. If the tags did assign to bookmarks correctly, would the answer be to force a resync (and how would I do that? . . . I let you know if I find something in Evernote's documentation). If the tags aren't assigned in the local copy, what might be the problem and possible solution? I haven't looked at the .enex file yet to see what the tagging looks like in there -- I'll post a follow up comment once I look.

    I greatly appreciate the work you've done. Thanks for all your help!

  45. Followup: The tags are in the .enux file, assigned correctly to bookmarks, but the tags didn't assign themselves to bookmarks in Evernote for the majority of them. Won't know until this evening if the tags properly imported into windows Evernote, but didn't sync to the web.

    Out of 2,152 bookmarks, 2,148 imported, and 655 imported with tags.

  46. @ Anonymous

    You need to import the .enex file with your windows/mac client of Evernote which has option to import the notebook. Added another screenshot in step 3.

    All the best, it should work.

    As only 2.5% users reported issues so far.

  47. Thank you for you time and your resources Dr. Palaniraja. Really useful.

  48. Excelent tool. Thank you very much, this made my day.

  49. Hey, It is easier for this site.

  50. the url given in the last comment by Anonymous worked like a charm for me. I couldn't get past Step One - was getting a blank screen in Chrome and Firefox, and no xml in the source code either, and IE was refusing to go to the url. was going nuts. thanks anonymous.

  51. Worked flawlessly. Absolutely amazing. Thank you.

  52. Great, thanks. Saved me so much time.

  53. Just one word: amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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  55. Hi,

    As another alternative to backing up Delicious in Evernote you could look at Not only can you import the links directly from the Delicious export in one step, it also keeps any future Delicious bookmarks up to date as well. also retains all your Delicious tags and lets you automatically synchronize from Delicious, Pinboard, Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, Tumblr, Google Reader and more.


    Tim -

  56. Most interesting for Evernote power use is the Evernote Essentials eBook. Have a look here: (affiliate link)

  57. Worked for me, (Firefox, Windows). Many thanks!

  58. You can even use both: delicious and evernote, if you do not want to leave delicious behind.

    Use the new (if this than that) to create a simple trigger to add delicious links to evernote.

    Its pretty cool. I am wondering what ifttt will be useful for in the future...

  59. How does one "Save the XML below as a file with extension .enex" This isn't clear from your instructions. Let me know and that should be the last step for before Importing into Evernote. Thanks in advance! Chris

  60. @Christopher

    You have to rename the file (xml content) with the extension .enex so that evernote client app can import.

    If you are using windows | notepad select all files from the type dropdown. Refer the last image of this post

  61. nice post Most interesting for Evernote power use is the Evernote Essentials eBook. Have a look here: (affiliate link)

  62. Thanks for this tool, it worked fine. I got a couple of the errors above on my first attempts, but doing a complete RTFM of your blog post fixed it up. The most important is saving as UTF-8 in TextPad. Thanks again, well done.

  63. sugestion for using curl... save file with the command below:

    curl -o index.xml

    Then curl will save your bookmarks as a xml file, to use with the url

    and finally save as utf-8 with windows notepad

    I´m a W7 user, for me was the best way to do it, thanks for all.

  64. I've posted some instructions that might be useful for removing the "funny" or special characters that people seem to be having trouble with, especially on Windows:

    Dr.Palaniraja: feel free to borrow the regex stuff I mention in my post for your code and thanks for creating that converter form :)

  65. @Youdaman

    Thanks for sharing. It seems saving it as utf-8 in notepad solves most of the issues.

    Your solution could be handy for some.

  66. Thanks Dr.Palaniraja!
    Saving in notepad as utf-8 solved my problem and all bookmarks and tags seem ok!

    Thanks again! Great script.

  67. I'm running into the same issue as stagefear - UTF-8 and everything looks okay, but I still get the MISSING_NOTE_TITLE error.

  68. @Lookingchris

    stagefear himself solved the issue by selecting UTF-8 encoding while saving the file from notepad.

    If it doesn't help try @Youdaman solution or try (I haven't tested this one) I got to know the site only by a comment to this post.


  69. I just want to say thank you so, so, so much for making this easy. I was really fretting when I heard the news about delicious. You have provided a great service by making this available, and I am grateful to you.

  70. On Mac OS X, imported successfully but no tags.

  71. Possible fix for the MISSING_NOTE_TITLE error: Start a new notepad file and make sure that word wrap (under format) is off. When you save files with word wrap on sometimes notepad creates big gaps in the text that may confuse the script.

    Then save in UTF-8 format, import, and it should work like a charm.

  72. i get an INVALID_NOTE_TAG error :/ - any idea how to fix this?

  73. Good piece of work, saved me a lot of time.
    Thanks :)

  74. Great work!! thanks !!


  75. To get my google bookmarks into evernote, I created a delicious id, exported google bookmarks into html and then imported my google bookmarks into delicious and then followed the above directions. It all worked perfectly. thank you.

  76. it's really strange that I save the bookmarks in .enex and when I import it says Import succesful but nothinf appears. Can anyone explain please ?

  77. Nothing happens at step 2.
    I've pasted in the xml spat out from delicous, but nothing happens upon clicking "Evernote XML (.enex) please" button.

    Have tried in chrome 15 and ie 9. op sys is Win7.

    (Same issue as Anonymous on Wednesday, December 22, 2010 12:29:00 PM)

  78. can this be trusted?:

  79. I think I've encountered a 1000 note limit when I attempt the import in Evernote (v3.0.5). Can anyone confirm this? Thanks

  80. Hi,
    I'm pretty sure I've followed every step correctly, but am still getting the MISSING_NOTE_TITLE error. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit.

  81. I can't get this to work for Diigo bookmarks. Any hints on how to do that?
    Diigo exports "delicious" format as HTML
    There is also an XML format, but the converter just gives me 3 lines of xml for my massive collection. Not working

  82. @Marinx

    If you are looking to import delicious html to other bookmarks then try

    I am not very sure about the xml from Diigo. I developed with xml format from delicious.

  83. Like Gingerburn, I am getting the MISSING_NOTE_TITLE error and couldn't make it work.

  84. Folks, ever since delicious moved hands, delicious doesn't export to xml. diigo doesn't either. But i discovered this tool which handles the (new) delicious to evernote process very well:

  85. do the magic all work. NO MISSING_NOTE_TITLE error, no complain.

  86. As of today, this approach seems to work quite well. Thanks to everyone who contributed to building these tools.

  87. Thanks Dr.Palaniraja for your script, works just fine!

    Had some trouble loosing the tags along the way but tried again and discovered that "Import tags" option should be clicked when Importing to Evernote.

  88. This is awesome! I can't thank you enough!
    I had 393 links in delicious and now have 393 notes each with tags and descriptions in Evernote!
    You've saved me hours and hours of tedious copying and pasting!

  89. Hey guys,

    I used this method to import delicious bookmarks to evernote. It is very easy, here is the link to youtube video

  90. Hello --

    Just to update, the user/pass operation is now different in curl. The syntax is

    curl --user name:password > backup.xml


  91. is no longer available - what to do?

  92. Thanks Dr. Palaniraja for this information.

    I found a solution to the 1000 item limit imposed by Delicious.

    Use the "start" command to control the bookmark number where your export should start.

    I used:
    to retrieve bookmarks beyond the first 1000, and repeated with other values until all my marks had been downloaded.

  93. Dr.Palaniraja, I see the same error with stagefear. At this page you mention that you have fixed this error but it seems that this problem is still occurs. Could you let me know if there is any more manual step to handle this problem.


  94. Worked. Thanks!!

    I had the MISSING_NOTE_TITLE error too, but fixed it simply by searching for empty title tags: search for "[title][/title]" and make sure you type something between those tags: "[title]empty_title[/title]".

    Replace [ by < and ] by > !!

    Now it works.

    1. I had the same problem but misunderstood your instructions. The title tags are of course enclosed in angle brackets (but these comments won't let us embed the tags). In otherwords don't search for "[title][/title]", replace the square brackets with angle brackets and search for that.

  95. This is what I get:
    INVALID_DOC (Error in line 1039, token "no root element")

    It's a been a nightmare trying to get my delicious bookmarks into evernote :(

  96. I also had the MISSING_NOTE_TITLE error but had no empty tags

    The problem I found and solved was that some texts inside title tags had the "tab" character.

    Finding that character and deleting it and managed to import successfuly all bookmarks.

    1. I managed to find and revise several instances of [title][/title], but how do I find the "tab" element inside title tags of an xml or enex file?

  97. This worked to perfection! Thank you.

  98. Thank you!!!! You just made my weekend!

  99. Thank you!!!! You just made my weekend! [2]

  100. I had the INVALID_UTF8_DATA, MISSING_NOTE_TITLE, and INVALID_DOC errors at different times trying to work it out. Below is what all I had to do to get it to finally work.

    This was the only reliable way I was able to stop the INVALID_UTF8_DATA error:
    I used the instructions on this page to convert the Delicious xml to the .enex format. I copied and pasted that to a new Notepad++ blank text file. I went to the Encoding menu and chose to "Encode in UTF-8". I saved the file as Evernote.enex. I went back to the Encoding menu, chose "Convert to ANSI", then chose "Convert to UTF-8". Save over the original file to save the encoding changes.

    I had to remove all tabs from the file, but I didn't know how to search for the "tab" element. I opened a new blank file, hit the Tab key to put a tab into the file, then selected the space it created. I copied and pasted that into the Ctrl + h Find and Replace window in Notepad++. I used the same Replace function to replace all » and « symbols. You can just copy and paste the symbols from this comment to search for them.

    For some reason, some of the Chevrons "<" were replaced with question marks "?". I had to search for ?/ and replace it with </.

    Also, the Delicious export is limited to 1000, so you'll have to add "?start=1000" to the end of the link to get the remainder so you can add it to the xml before converting it to .enex. After all of these steps, Importing finally worked and imported all 1053 bookmarks with descriptions and tags.

    Helpful Links:

  101. Awesome! Worked like a charm, thank you for putting this out there!

  102. The converter doesn't work with tags containing a space. New delicious feature...

  103. Thanks, this worked brilliantly! I've hardly used delicious in recent years and had all of these bookmarks gathering dust so I thought it was about time I exported them to a service I actually use regularly! I encountered the 1000 bookmark limit but used John's helpful suggestion to use "" to export the next batch and it all went smoothly.

  104. Just curious if anyone had tried to accomplish this migration between and Evernote import. I have about 28K bookmarks with Tags.
    Upon reading this post and all of the comment the api for delicious is completely deactivated at this time. Without the Delicious exported .xml file it seems that this option is now dead in the water. The only export in Delicious is an export to an html files download.

    Any and all ideas are welcome about this topic.
    Thank you ahead of time!