Saturday, August 14, 2010

iPad - Safari background texture


Apple version of the texture -

Ever since I installed the iOS 3.2 SDK I was in love with the iPad/Safari background fabric texture.

Apple is definitely having great designers and their choices are always top notch.

I recently started looking for the image to set as a background and I found the following color variant in a forum (Kudos to the user).

I modified the image to have my taste of grey in it. And here is the image for you to set as a background.

And here is the my desktop and I'm loving it.

P.S: You can also create this fabric pattern from the scratch using the tutorial (well done Dave). There is also another tutorial available.

Update: There has been no. of emails on using the grey version of the image. You are free to use it any way you want to. I'll be really happy if you drop a mail/comment.

Joachim of is kind enough to post PSD here.


  1. Hi

    Can I use this texture for a themeforest tenplate I am planning to sell? I would link here of course :)

  2. @Leon

    I have not created the brown shade as I mentioned above. You are free to use the grey shade.

    There are number of sites uses the grey shade of the image above. You can also follow the tutorial linked in the site to create your own variant.

    All the best for your work.

  3. Thanks mate. I modified the gray shade a bit for my work and and looks wonderful. Thank you very much. I'll link this article when the template is ready.


  4. Hello,

    The gray image, is it your image or is it the same as the ipad background texture? Am I free to use it Dr. Palaniraja?!

  5. @anonymous

    You are free to use the grey image.

    To answer "is it your image?"

    I can't take the credits for the image as I just modified the color to grey to match the safari background.

  6. totaly agree with you, apple's design is so great, thank sharing your work !


  7. Thanks for this—either brown or gray look so so great as a desktop. You rock!

  8. Really nice! I Searched a long time for that! now i have it! THANK!!!!

  9. exactly what i was looking for after my os x install thanks

  10. Hello, can i use this Background for my new Version of the Website

    That was so grat, if i can use it.

    Thank you

  11. Hello Dr. Palaniraja. Great work thank you. Am I able to use your background in an Iphone App I am creating?

  12. @Liam

    Are you developing app using iOS SDK (native) then you can select background of your view as scrollview texture to get the background.

    Hope it helps.

  13. Hi. No I am learning iOS SDK, but at the moment I am developing using Phone Gap. Thank you for the tip though.

  14. Awesome! I lightened to around 50% grey and using for Web window fill beyond content max-width. Box-shadow on content container, a-la iOS. :-) Thanks!!!